Engineering projects use different units e.g. temperature, speed, diameter, and so on. In addition, these values must also display in different dimensions, e.g. a temperature in °C or °F, a speed in m/s or ft/s, a diameter in mm or inch, and so on. To avoid possible conversion errors and reduce rounding and truncation errors, such calculations must be organized methodically. For example, for each unit used in the project, a dimension is chosen (e.g. °C for a temperature unit) and all calculations are done using this dimension. When retrieving data from the user or from a database, the values are converted to the selected dimensions and when displaying results, the dimensions used internally are converted to the required dimensions.

The modules offered here are highly standardized: all offer the same functions, making it simple to create engineering projects requiring many different units. This product consists of 28 portable, well documented and extendible Delphi Pascal modules for the following units: air density, airflow, specific air volume, altitude, climbrate, ΔT temperature, (pipe) diameters, device dimensions, distance, energy, enthalpy, heat transfer, humidity, length, liquid volume, mass, moist rate, power, pressure, small length, small surface, sound power, speed, surface, temperature, velocity, volume and waterflow.

Each of these module offer the most common dimensions in SI and Imperial units. Adding a dimension only required two extra lines.

Demonstration programs in VCL (Windows only) and Firemonkey (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android) illustrate how to use the functions in these modules. The picture below is a screenshot of the demonstration program with a selection of 6 different units and the available dimensions per unit. It shows how a value in a selected dimension is displayed in the other dimensions for that unit.