Air Properties is a well documented and portable Delphi Pascal source code module. It offers air property calculations such as temperature, humidity, density, specific volume, enthalpy, sensible and latent heat. All calculations are conform the ASHRAE standards. The functions in this module are the core part in the development of applications for ventilation, air conditioning, air treatment, heat load calculations and room comfort improvements. You can also use them to create different kinds of diagrams, such as psychrometric and Mollier, illustrating the relations between the different air properties and which are used to verify design conditions when dimensioning ventilation or airconditioning in building.

This module comes with a few screenshots of these diagrams. The picture below combines a Mollier and a psychrometric diagram, sharing the same legend:


Demonstration programs in VCL (Windows only) and Firemonkey (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android) illustrate how to use the functions in this module. The picture below shows a psychrometric diagram and in its upper left corner a screen shot of the demonstration program. The diagram shows the point corresponding with the values entered in the demonstration program: