Animated Flight Computer

This is the professional version of Basic Flight Computer, containing an example generator, a wind triangle drawing function, convertors and calculators. Any (student) pilot can use it to prepare a theoretical exam and any pilot can use it to prepare a flight.

A wind triangle consists of three speeds and three angles. This app allows you entering four of those six values to calculate the remaining two. It then explains how you get these results with a flight computer, by animating it. It rotates the disk, slides it and add marks. It also shows what value to use for each step towards the solution.

In addition to solving a problem, the app also produces examples for the 15 different combinations of 4 given values with 2 to calculate. Sometimes a generated example produces "impossible" values, such as triangles degenerating to a single line or data for which it is not possible to construct a triangle. This is deliberate to let you as a (student) pilot think about the data entered. You can adapt these data to see how to get a valid set to solve.

Instead of entering data, the app contains a "-" and "+" button for each value. Tap them to decrease/increase a value or keep your finger on them to keep decreasing/increasing a value.


  • Solves any kind of wind triangle problem and explains how to find those results on a flight computer.
  • Contains an accurate visualization of a flight computer.
  • Animates the different steps towards a solution.
  • Generates examples for 15 different situations of four given values and two results to obtain.
  • Draws the wind triangle complying with the given data.
  • Contains a small animation showing why you need a wind triangle to navigate.
  • Offers conversions for fuel, speed, climb rate, altitude, distance, mass and temperature.
  • A small calculator helps you determining e.g. EET.
  • Calculates the cross wind, head wind and tail wind.
  • Animates an airplane showing how to navigate taking the wind into account.
  • Tap the explain tab to get a short explanation of this app.
  • Zoom in (two fingers gesture) and pan (one finger gesture) to enlarge a part of flight computer or to ease accessing the data entry controls.
  • This app gives the best results on tablets.

Video Demo

Watch the demonstration video.


This app is available on Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon Store and Microsoft Store