NZVC reservation

The NZVC reservation is web application for the Noordzee Vliegclub pilots to reserve a plane, but also to get an overview of their flights and the current financial state of their account.

This web application allows a Noordzee Vliegclub pilot to make a plane reservation at any time and place. To get a fair distribution of reservations amongst the members, the application limits them to 4 for the next three months. All pilots viewing the reservations immedately see changes or updates in the reservation overview.

When ending a flight, the pilot may close it to store flight data in the central database and invoice it immediately. Once a flight has been closed, pilots may consult the overview of their flights and the current state of their account. In addition, pilots may also change or update the information stored about them in the central database.

To enter data (make a reservation, close a flight, consult user information, ...), the web application offers very responsive forms adapting to any screen size (desk top, tablet, smart phone or iphone), contains popup help texts to each of the fields to fill in and provides an error message line below each field to explain incomplete or wrong date entries. The login form below gives an example ot the login form:

  • At the left, the form at its full width, as shown on a desktop or tablet screen.
  • At the right, the adapted form, as shown on a phone screen.

Reservation Form

Every month, the pilots get an overview of the flights performed that month and their financial state. Every night, different pilot settings are checked and reported by e-mail: the validity of the rating certificate, the medical certificate, the badge to access the airport, confirmation of the reservation of the next day, ....etc.


  • Provides different roles for different managers: fleet manager, administrative manager, head of training, instructor. Each role is protected by a password and offers specific actions or specific types of reservations.
  • Shows the plane reservations of the current day. The pilot may browse through the reservations of the last and next three months.
  • Allows closing a flight and to store flight data into a central database system to create flight and invoice overviews.
  • Gives information about the pilot of a reservation allowing other pilots to contact that pilot to synchronizes their flights, e.g. for fueling or plane transfers.
  • Provides pilot guidance for renewals of the different certificates, financial status, contacts with instructors, ...etc.
  • Offers an online manual (last icon on the main screen) explaining the functions of the web application.


The web application is available on the Noordzee Vliegclub website ( by clicking the main window button Online Reservatie