In addition to an addictive geographical game, this app animates the earth orbiting around the sun and shows the shape of the night moving over the earth.

  1. Geographical game, where you have to guess a location on a 3D-earth, which rotates and tumbles to display that location in the middle. This game contains 4 levels (beginner, skillful, advanced and expert), 5 continents (Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania) and 5 groups (capitals, large cities, airports, cities and other). You can get up to 3 hints and depending on the level, you may have to choose between 3, 6, 9 or 12 possibilities. It contains more than 3000 locations, of which 243 capitals and 108 large cities.
  2. Day and night, showing the shape of the night over the earth for any given date and time. It also shows the time at different earth positions and the city lights of the capitals and large cities at night. At start, the animation shows the current day, but you can select any date to observe how shape of the night changes during the seasons, e.g. March 21, June 21, September 21 and December 21.
  3. The earth orbiting around the sun, showing the actual date for each position, the seasons and the special orbit positions of the earth. You can also select any date to indicate it on the orbit.

There is a limited free version of this app (called "Basic Earth Positions"), only demonstrating a few functions of the much richer full version. E.g. it only allows 3 location guesses, shows the day and night shape for the current day and limits the earth orbit settings.


  • Change the animation speed of the earth orbit, the earth rotation and the movement of the night over the earth.
  • Select a date to show it on the earth orbit.
  • Select a date to calculate shape of the night and its position over the earth.
  • Change the animation speed of the night movement over the earth or step through the night manually.
  • The geographical game contains over 4500 locations to guess.
  • By selecting the level, the continents and the groups, you define the set of locations to use.
  • You get a happy sound when straight selecting the right solution, without asking hints.
  • Zoom in (two fingers gesture) and pan (one finger gesture) to enlarge a part of the tables.
  • Gives the best results on tablets.

Video Demo

Watch the demonstration video.


This app is available on Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon Store and Microsoft Store