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Short History

In March 2014, Michel Huybrechts founded his new company called MICRI Consult, with three specific goals in mind:

  1. Offering consultancy and development about air treatment in general.
  2. Developing animated engineering software on different platforms (Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS) and on different devices (PC's, tablets and phones).
  3. Developing software for general aviation pilots, equally on different platforms and devices.

In March 2016, the sole proprietorship company MICRI Consult became a Limited Liability Company.


With their rich set of gestures, tablets offer new challenges for data entry and general engineering applications. This website shows the apps currently available on Google play and Amazon Store. Some of them are free of charge to demonstrate a subset of the much richer charged apps. This website explains these apps, has links to the videos demonstrating them and has links to the download pages of Google Play, Amazon Store. Microsoft Store and iTunes. Enjoy using the Apps.The next step, currently in preparation is to have these apps available on Apple mobile devices (iPads and iPhones).


In March 2017, the first industrial multi-platform app for the selection and dimension of Yanmar air condition systems started. This development has been completed at the beginning of 2018. It runs on Windows and Mac OS. It also has been tested on Andoid and iOS, but has not been published on stores.

The Yanmar_Select app selects devices (indoor and outdoor units) covering a required load and draws the piping and wiring diagrams. It then produces a report containing an equipment list, details about the selections and the diagrams.

Since then, several other industrial projects were realized. The current project calculates air jet contours in rooms, both for a constant velocity and a constant temperature. Upcoming is a 3D representation of these air jet contours.